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Business Opportunity  in the Algarve


Gift Ball Vending Business and Stock For Sale


Business / Stock Description


The Business supplies Gift Ball Vending Machines to bars, cafes, restaurants and holiday centres in the Algarve on a profit share basis. The machines are currently part of a much bigger coin operated pool table and arcade machine business.


Speaking Portuguese is not a necessity. The current owner does not speak Portuguese. Most site owners are English (or Dutch and speak English).


The machines are not sold to the sites. The business retains ownership in all the machines at all times.


The machines are mechanical and do not need electricity to vend. They are reliable, robust and weatherproof.


The machines vend on 1€ per gift and the revenue is shared between the site owner and the business. The business takes 75% and the site takes 25% of all revenue.


The business is responsible for refilling the machines with Gift Balls at its own cost. The Gift Balls contain sweets, children’s toys, lighters and other low value items.


There are no written contracts between the sites and the business allowing for the removal of machines without notice in the event of underperforming machines.




> 300 x 93mm Gift Balls (Small Toys) – Resale Value of 300€

> 25 x 60mm Gift Balls (Small Toys) – Resale Value of 25€

> 4 x 93mm Gift Ball Vending Machines

> 1 x 60mm Gift Ball Vending Machine

> 1 x 50 cent Gift Ball Vending Machine

> Spare Machine Parts

> Spare Coin Mechanisms

> Spare Machine Keys

> Supplier Lists


At present only 2 of the machines are sited; both in separate locations in Albufeira. The other machines and the Gift Balls are stored in Almancil.




The Gift Balls cost the business between 16 cents and 33 cents per Gift Ball; depending upon quality of the contents and the quantity ordered at any one time. This is an average of about 25 cents per Gift Ball.


Each vend of 1€ provides for 75 cents income for the business and 50 cents of profit.


The two currently-sited machines in Albufeira have provided about 300€ revenue and 150€ profit since Spring of this year. If all 5 machines had been sited for the same period, the profit expected would have been circa 750€.


Remember, the only effort the new owner will need to put in is to find the sites, deliver the machines, which is a one person delivery, and then return to collect the money once per month, or as required.


The owner has an asking price of just 1000 Euros - offers will be considered - which could easily be recouped in a little over 12 months based on the above projections.


Expansion and Growth


This is key. The current owner has neglected this side of the business. With a new enthusiastic owner all the machines can be sited within a few weeks which will, of course, improve earnings. Most sites will happily take a machine because it does not cost them anything to have it in their bar (not even electricity). It is free money for them.


With some investment in more machines earnings can be further improved. Machines can be sourced directly from the manufacturer and the current owner has arranged for additional machines to be made available for 1000 Euros per batch of ten. Generally, a machine will pay for itself with about 12 months.

A great opportunity for an individual with a bit of get-up-and-go !

Contact the owner direct (no agents) here



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